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Mervynsons Since 1942. Importers of Medical & Surgical Equipment.

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History of the Company


Mervynsons Ltd. Was founded in 1942.Then known as the Trans Asia Trading Company, it was run & owned by Mrs. Blossom Pieris & her husband Mr.Mervyn Pieris. Its name was then changed to Mervysons in 1962 when it started representing pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies. Today, Mervynsons continues to represent a series of premier companies worldwide, upholding a reputation of excellence and quality, and providing a reliable and invaluable service to the healthcare sector in Sri Lanka.

Company Profile Sales Area

Founder / Chairman

Mr. Mervyn Pieris

Co Founder (late)

Mrs. Blossom Pieris


Board of Directors

Mr.Mervyn Pieris-Chairman Mr.Nihal Pieris- Managing Director Asank Fernando


Nanayakare & Co.

Sales Area

Company Profile


Company Name.

 Mervynsons Co. (Pvt.) Ltd

Number of Employers.


Manufactures &



Handling Manufacturer

Country of Origin

Handling Product


1. Karl Storz GmbH & Co.KG


a).Flexible & Rigid Cystoscope

Resectoscope related instruments or Urological field.


b) Rigid and Flexible Endoscope and  related

    Instruments for E.N.T. Surgery.


c) Diagnostic & Operative Laparoscope for General Surgery  and Gall-Bladder.


d) Diagnostic & Operative Laparoscope and related equipment for Gynecology.


e) Arthroscope & related equipment for Orthopedic surgery.


f)  Neuro Endoscope and related equipment or

    Neuro Surgery.


g) Video Endoscope.


h) Microdebriders.


i)  Video Stroboscope.



2. RGB Medical Devices


a) Multi Parameter Monitoring Systems.

b) Transportable Monitors



3. Nspire Health  Ltd.


United Kingdom

a) Wright Respirometer.

b) Respiratory Products.

c) Clinical Measuring Equipments.

d) Apnea Monitors.


4. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

New Zealand

a) Infant Resuscitation System (Open Care Intubation


b) Respiratory Humidifiers.

c) Nerve Stimulator for Anesthesia.


5. MIR


a) Lung Function Analyzers.


6. Clement Clarke International 


United Kingdom

a) Nebulizers and respiratory care products.


7. Rudolf Riester GmbH &   Co.KG   


a) Blood Pressure Apparatus and other diagnostic



8. Keeler Limited

United Kingdom

a) Ophthalmoscope, Otoscope and other diagnostic

    Instruments for Ophthalmology.


9.VBM Medizintechnik GmbH


a) Tourniquets.

b) Cuff Pressure Monitors.

c) Resuscitation Equipment (Ambu Bags)

d) Medical Disposable such as Masks, Airways and

    Laryngeal Tubes.



10. Radiometer International A/S



a) Blood Gas Analyzers


11. Infutec Medical System Ltd.


a) Infusion Pumps

b) Syringe Pumps


12. Atmos Medizintechnik GmbH     


a) Double & Single Jar Suction Apparatus for

    Operating  Theatre and ward use Vacuum



13. Brethren Corporation


a) Blood Pressure Apparatus.

b) Instrument Sterilizer

c) Vascular Dopplers.

d) Fetal Heart Dopplers.


14.Oxford Instruments Medical Ltd.   

United Kingdom

a) Fetal Heart Monitors (CTG)


15. Down Surgical.

United Kingdom

a) Surgical Instruments for all General Surgical

    Fields such as Urineral Surgery, Gynecology, 

    E.N.T., & Urology.



16. Sheffmed Limited.

United Kingdom

a) Surgical Instruments for all fields such as General

    Surgery, Gynecology.

n 17. Ectron Limited.

United Kingdom

a) Electro Conclusive Therapy Units.
n 18..World of Medicine.


a) Urodaynamic systems.


19. Del Mar Reynolds Medical Ltd.     

United Kingdom

a) Holter Monitoring Unit.

b) E.C.G. Stress Systems.

c) Ambulotery Monitors.


20. Hidmar s.a


a) Medical Furniture inclusive Gyn. & Obs. Beds.


21. Prestige Medical

United Kingdom

a) Mini & Table Top Autoclaves 


Sales Area

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Name of Institution Equipment/Manufacturer/Model Quantity Year

1.Ministry of Health-Asian Bank Development Project.

Suction Units.

Electro Conclusive Therapy Units (ECT Machine)    
Blood Pressure Apparatus.    
Diagnostic Sets.    
Video Laparoscopic Systems for Gynecology.    
Laparoscopic Systems for female Sterilization.    

2a. National Hospital of Sri Lanka.

2b. Neuro Trauma Unit project

Flexible Cystoscope.    
Neuro Surgical Drill System.    
Neuro Surgical Head Light.    
Transportable Ventilator.    
Infusion Pumps.    
Vascular Dopplers.    
Neuro Endoscope( Video)    
Lung function analyzer    
Urology TURP set    
Headlight for cardiac surgery    
wall Suction Unit    
Flow Meters    
Spot Lamp    
Direct Ophthalmoscope    
Ventricular Shunt Sets    
Lumber Peritoneal Shunt Set    

3. Provincial Director of Health Services North East Province -  Tricomalee.

Infusion Pumps.    
Anesthetic Machines.    
Had held Tonometer    
Laparoscopy system    
Examination Lamps    
ECT Unit    

4. Provincial Director of Health Services Central Province - Kandy.

Lung Function Analyzer.    
Apnea Alarm Monitors.    
Rigid Cystoscope.    
Electronic Spiro meter.    
Fiber Optic Head Light.    
Fetal Heart Monitors    
Vacuum Extractors.    
Open Care Infant Resuscitation Sys.    
Vacuum extractor    
Adult ambu bag    
Pediatric ambu bag    
Anesthetic Ventilator    

5. General Hospital - Sri. Jayawardenapura

Blood Gas Analyzers.    
Video Laparoscopic Systems.    
Adult & Pediatric Cystoscope Sys.    
Open Care Infant Resuscitation Sys.    
Anesthetic Machines    
Patient Monitoring Systems.    
Fetal Heart Monitors (CTG)    
Electro Surgical Unit (Diathermy)    
Lung Function Analyzer.    
Operating Hysteroscopy Set.    
Servo Control Humidifiers.    
Flexible Cystoscope.    
Double Bottle O.T. Suction Unit    
Ambu bag adult    
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor    
HD Video Laparoscopy    

6.Provincial Director of Health Services, North Central Province-Anuradhapura

Open Care Infant Resuscitation Sys.    
Single Bottle Suction Apparatus.    
E.N.T. Drill Systems.    
Laparoscopy  System Video.    
Anesthetic Machine    
Video Laparoscope for Female Sterilization    
Anesthetic Machine    
Video Stroboscope    
Flexible Bronchoscope    
Laparoscope Surgery System, Gynecology    
Ambu bags    

7. General Hospital Teaching - Ratnapura.

FEES Set of E.N.T. Surgery.    
Fetal Heart Monitors (CTG)    

8. General Hospital- Karapitiya -Galle.

E.N.T. Instruments.    
Calcusplit Lithotripsy Sys. for Urology.    
Flexible Cystoscope.    
Gluco meters.    
Neurosurgical Instrument.    
Laparoscopy  System Video.    

9. General Hospital Jaffna.

Laparoscopy System Video.    
Syringe Pumps.    
Mastoid Electric Drill System.    
Infant Resuscitator System.    
Blood Gas Analyzers.    
Multi monitors    
Syringe pump    

10. Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, Colombo.

Airway Management Stimulator.    
Manual Jet Ventilator System.    

11. Base Hospital Teaching -Kegalle.

Therapeutic Cystoscopy System.    
Laparoscope Instrument for Surgery.    

12. Provincial Director of Health Services Northwestern Province -Kurunegala.

Fetal Heart Monitors (CTG)    
Video Laparoscopic Systems.    
Anesthetic Machines.    
Lung Function Analyzer.    

13. Castle Street Hospital for Women.

Infant Resuscitator System.    
Gluco meters.    
Fetal Heart Detectors.    
Laparoscopy System.    

14. De Soysa Hospital for Women.

C.T.G. Monitors.    
Laparoscopy System.    

15. Asiri Surgical Hospital Colombo 05.

Nuro Surgical Drill System.    
P.C.N.L .Instruments.    
General Surgical Instruments.    
Lithopriptor Unit ( ESWL)    
T.U.R.P. Set    
Hamilton Ventilator Units    

16. Ministry Of Health,

Biomedical Engineering Services.

Mastrod Drill System for E.N.T.    
Video E.N.T. Sets    
3 Systems of Holter Monitors.    
Video Endoscopes.    
Video Stroboscope.    
Video Thorascope System.    
Bronchoscopy Sets    
FESS Sets    
AIDA Systems    
Spot Lamp    
Anesthetic Machine with Ventilator + Monitor    
Vascular Doppler    
Pelvis Retractor    

17. Lanka Hospital Corporation ( Apollo Hospital)

Video Laparoscopy Systems.    
E.N.T. Work Stations    
Nuro Surgical Drill System.     
General Surgical Instrument Set    
Pulse Oxyemeter    

18. Teaching Hospital -Kurunegala.

Blood Gas Analyzer.    

19. University of -Ruhuna

Uro Dynamic System    
Video Laparoscopy Systems.    
Video Hysteroscopy Systems.    
Office  Hysteroscopy Systems.    
Vacuum Extractors.    
Gynecology Beds.    
Training Manikins For Child Birth.    
Spiro meter    

20. Teaching Hospital -Trincomalee.

Video Laparoscopy unit.    

21. Teaching Hospital -Vavuniya. 

Video Laparoscopy Unit.     
Vacuum Extractor    
Syringe Pump    

22. Base Hospital -Tangalle. 

Blood Gas Analyzer.     

23. Veterinary Institute - Kandy.

Anesthetic Machine.    

24. District Hospital -Dambadeniya.

Anesthetic Machines.    

25.. General Hospital -Batticaloa.

Video Laparoscopy unit.    
T.U.R.P. Set    
Video Cystoscopy System.    

26. General Hospital -Polonnaruwa. 

Infant Resuscitation System    
Multi Monitor    
Video Laparoscopy System for Surgery    
Video Laparoscopy unit.    

27. General Hospital Anuradhapura. 

Nerve Stimulator.     
Laryngoscope - Adult    
Laryngoscope - Pediatric    

28. Base  Hospital -Dambulla.

C.T.G. Machine.     
Vacuum Extractor.     

29. Base  Hospital - Matale. 

Vacuum Extractor.    

30. Base Hospital -Nawalapitiya.

Infant Warmer.     
Vacuum Extractor.     

31. Deputy provincial Director of Health Services -Trincomalee.

Fiber Optic Proctoscopes.    
Laryngoscopes - Adult    
Laryngoscopes - Pediatric     
Examination Lamps -Pedestal.    
Ambu bags    
Laryngoscopes -Fiber Optic     
Focus Lamps    

32. Deputy provincial Director of Health Services Kalutara.


33. Deputy provincial Director of Health Services-Kandy

Laryngoscopes Pediatric.    

34.General Hospital Teaching- Kegalla

BP Apparatus     
Mini Peak flow Meter    
Video Laparoscopy unit.    
Video E.N.T. System.    

Regional Director of Health Services -Mullathivu

BP Aparatus    
IV stand    
Examination Lamps    
Pulse Oxymeter    
Electric Sucker    
Manual Sucker    
Regional Director of Health Service - Manner Pediatric Stethoscope    
Nebulizer mediplus    
Pulse Oxymeters    
CTG Machine    
Laparoscopy system    
Regional Director of Health Service - Colombo ENT Drill System    
Pule Oxymeter with NIBP    
Spot Lamp    
Oxygen Regulator    
Deputy Provincial Director of Health Service- Gampaha Respirometer    
Golden Key Eye & E.N.T. Hospital Full set of instrument for E.N.T. (FESS adult/pediatric). Bronchoscopy adult/pediatric,    
CRYO Systems.    
Keeler practitioner Otoscope sets, rechargeable    
International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescents Society CTG Machine    
BP Apparatus    
Sir Lanka Red Cross Society CTG Machine    
Oxygen Flow Meter    
E.N.T. Instrument    
Plaster Cutter (Electric)    
UNISEF Infant Warmer    
Americares Sri Lanka Laryngoscope    
Stethoscope Adult & Pediatric    
BP Apparatus    
Oxygen Flow Meters    
Ambu bags    
Airway sets    
FHS Detectors Doppler    
Laparoscopy Unit    
Labour Kits    
Vacuum Extractor    
Instrument Sterilizer    
Medi House Lung Function Analyzer    
General Hospital - Monaragala. Video Laparoscopy System for Gynecology & Surgery    
Multi Monitors    
General Hospital - Matara. Video Laparoscope for Female Sterilization    
Video Laparoscope for Gynecology    
Video Urology Set for TRUP    
Infant Resuscitation System.    
General Hospital - Hambanthoth Infant Resuscitation System    
Base Hospital - Marawila. Video Laparoscopy system for Female Sterilization.    
Instrument Set for Laparoscopy Surgery & Gynecology Surgery.    
Anesthetic Machine.    
Chest Hospital - Welisara. Video Thorascpy set    
Joseph Frazer Hospital. Video Laparoscopy system for Gynecology.    
General Hospital - Horana Laparoscopy System for Gynecology    
Urology TURP set    
CTG Machine.    
General Hospital- Kalutara. Urology TURP system.    
Video NET system.    
Colombo North Teaching Hospital - Ragama Video Laparoscopy system for Female Sterilization.    
Video Laparoscopy set for Surgery    
CTH Machine    
Video Urology Set for TRUP & PCNL set    
General Hospital - Chilaw Anesthetic Machine    
Video Laparoscopy for Surgery    
CTG Machine    
E.N.T. Drill    
E.N.T. Instrument set    
Infant  Resuscitation    
Colombo South Teaching Hospital - Kalubowila Video E.N.T. system    
E.N.T. Light Source    
E.N.T. Drill    
General Hospital - Negombo. CTG Machine    
E.N.T. Drill    
Genral Hospital - Gampaha E.N.T. Drill    
Infant  Resuscitation system.    
Base Hospital - Wathupitiwala Laparoscope.    
Anesthetic Machine.    
Base Hospital - Homagama Laparoscope for Female Sterilization.    
CTG Machine.    
RDHS - Batticaloa. Ambu Bags    
Delivery sets    
Pulse Oxymeter    
Slit Lamps    
Cut down sets.    
General Hospital - Badulla Video Laparoscopy system.    
Instrument set for Laparoscopy system.    
Holter Monitoring system.    
Nebulizer Blue Dream.    
Base Hospital - Diyathwa Anesthetic Machine    
Multi Monitor    
Laparoscopy system.    
Wijya Kumaratunga Memorial Hospital - Seeduwa. Anesthetic Machine    
Pulse Oxymeter    
Police Hospital. Ambu bag adult    
Examination Lamp.    
Western Infirmary (Pvt.) Ltd. Cystoscope & TURP set    
Flexible Cystoscope.    
Provincial Director of Health Service - Matara / Regional Director of Health Services - Matara. Nebulizer Medplus    
Nebulizer Medplus    
Pulse Oxymeter    
Deputy Provincial Director of Health Service - Kalutara Respirometer    
General Hospital Teaching - Kandy. Respirometer    
VP Shunt Passer    
E.C.G. Recorder ST Electromedisina    
Infusion Pump    
Deputy Provincial Director of Health Service - Matale. E.N.T. Laparoscopy set.    
General Hospital - Peradeniya. Manual Tourniquets    
Medicare Private Hospital Colombo 08. Electrosurgical unit    
Roseth Hospital - Ambalangoda. Anesthetic Ventilator    
Deputy Provincial Director of Health Service - Madampe. Laryngoscpoe set (Adult)    
Nawaloka Hospital (Pvt.) Ltd. BP Apparatus    
Knee Hammers    
Regional Director of Health Service - Mullaitivu. BP Apparatus    
Pulse Oxymeter    
Electric Sucker    
Manual Sucker    
Asiri Hospital Ltd. CTG Machine    
BP Apparatus    
Spot Lamp    
Director of Health Service - Kalutara Rigid Eosophagoscope    
Hamas Hospital (Pvt)Ltd. Tourniquet    
DPDHS Nuwaraeliya Anesthetic Machine    
RDHS  - Budulla Rigid Sigmoidoscope    
Ambu Bags    
Base Hospital Cheddikulm Through German Red Cross Societie. Syringe Pump    
Infusion Pump    
CTG Machine    
Suction Apparatus    
Spot Lamp    
Anesthetic Machine with Ventilator & Monitor    
Diathermy Machine    
VIS Don Bosco Nebulizer    
POP Cutter    
Swiss Biogenic (Pvt.) Ltd Spirometr    
Interational Centre for Eye Care Eduction Ophthalmoscope    
Premium International Ltd Anesthetic Ventilators    
RDHS- Monaragala Sterillers    
Hemas Southern Hospital Video TURP system    
Sinthamarathu Hospital - Ampara. Anesthetic Machine    
Doppler Sonicaid 1    
Pulse Oxymeter    
Anesthetic Machine Ventilator    
Multypara Monitor.    

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